Digital Systems

Semester: 1


Data paths and control units of non programmable systems: Register Transfer Level, Microoperations, Bus techniques, ASM diagrams, Hardwired control, Design of finite state machines with complex transition conditions, Microprogammed control, Timing issues and metastability in digital systems.
Data paths and control units of programmable systems: Register file, Arithmetic Logic Unit, Single cycle architecture, Multi cycle architecture, Control units of programmable systems, Performance increase techniques: pipeline, hazards.
Circuit design with VHDL: Design flow, Code structure, Data types, Operators and Attributes, Concurrent code, Sequential code, Signals and Variables, State machines, Designs of typical circuits, Practice on ISE Xilinx, description of circuits, simulation, synthesis.
System design with VHDL, Packages and Components, Functions and Procedures, Design of typical systems, Creation and use of Test-benches for design verification.


S. Nikolaidis


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