Embedded Systems

Semester: 2


Embedded systems overview, Design challenges, Design metrics, Processor technology, IC technology, Design technology, General purpose processors: Datapath, control unit, Programmer’s view, Development environment, Design flow and tools, Testing and debugging.
Peripherals: Timers, Counters, Watchdog timer, UART, PWM, LCD controllers, Keypad controllers, Stepper motor controllers, ADC converters
Memory: Memory write ability and storage permanence, Common memory types, Composing memory, Memory hierarchy and cache, Advanced RAM
Interfacing: Communication basics, Basic protocol concepts, Microprocessor interfacing, Interrupts, DMA, Arbitration, Advanced communication principles, Wireless communication, Error detection and correction, Serial protocols, Parallel protocols, wireless protocols.
Digital camera example: Introduction to a simple digital camera, specifications, Design, Implementation.
Practice on Embedded system design. Tutorial of Xilinx EDK.


S. Nikolaidis


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