Semester: 4
Course code: HT0209


Principles of electronics circuits. Time response of basic electronic circuits. Transfer functions. Frequency response and Bode diagram. Introduction to semiconductor physics. Diodes: basic theory and rectification circuits. Zener and photodiodes. Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT): characteristic and equivalent circuits. BJT amplifiers. Field Effect Transistor (FET): characteristics and equivalent circuits. FET based amplifiers. Transistors BJT and FET as switches.


Siskos Stylianos
Nikolaidis Spyridon


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  2. G. Haritantis, Arakinthos, "Electronics, vol I"
  3. Malvino Albert Paul, "Basic Electronics"
  4. Boylestad R. , Nashelsky L, "Electronic diatakseis & Circuit Theory, 10th edition"

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