Digital Systems

Semester: 7
Course code: HY0201


Introduction to digital systems, Binary numbers, Signed/unsigned numbers, Algebra Boole, Theorems and properties, Boole functions, Digital logic gates, Minimization, Karnaugh map, Implementation with NAND/NOR, XOR gate, Combinational logic, Analysis and Design of combinational circuits, Adder, Comparator, Decoder, Coder, Multiplexer, Tristate gate. Sequential logic, Memory element, flip-flops, Analysis of synchronous sequential circuits, Design of synchronous sequential logic, Registers, Shift registers, Counters, RAM, ROM, Programmable logic devices.


S. Nikolaidis


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  2. John F. Wakerly, "Digital Design: Principles & Practices, 2002"
  3. M. Roumeliotis, S. I. Souravlas, "Digital Design: Principles & Applications, 2013"

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