PhD Theses (Selected)

Author Title Supervisor Year File
Vlassis SpyridonDesign of nonlinear integrated circuits for signal processingS. Siskos2000
Fikos GeorgeDesign of analog/mixed signal integrated circuits for signal processingS. Siskos2005
Papageorgiou XristosMicro-controller based measurement techniquesTh. Laopoulos2004
Kavvadias NikolaosDesign Methodology Development for Application Specific ProcessorsS. Nikolaidis2008
Vasiliadis NikolaosReconfigurable Architectures for the Implementation of Digital SystemsS. Nikolaidis2009
Noulis ThomasDesign of integrated circuits for signal processingS. Siskos2009
Kalenteridis VasileiosDesign of integrated circuits for high frequency applicationsS. Siskos2012
Tsiakmakis KyriakosStudy of a measurement and micromechanical elements control movement system of smart polymer materials (IPMC)Th. Laopoulos2014
Sotiropoulou Calliope-LouisaMultiprocessing Systems development for implementation of applicationsS. Nikolaidis2015